This is an introduction to the university library. Internationals as well as first semester students will hopefully benefit from the information on this site.

You can find information on the following:

1. How to connect
2. How to access the library 24/7
3. How the library is organised
4. How to find books
5. How to check out and return books
6. How to scan, copy and print
7. Important vocabulary English-German

1. How to connect

•  To use the internet on campus you have to select “eduroam” on your computer or laptop. Sign up with your username and password and you’re ready to start.

• This is a link to the university’s online search engine when you look for books:

• Search for anything by typing in a word in “Suchbegriff(e)”. You can sign up and personalise your search at “Anmelden” Here’s a link:

Your User-ID is your identification number, the password is your year of birth, month and day, for example: 19930301 if you’re born on the 1st of March in the year 1993.

2. How to access the library 24/7

  • The library is open 24hrs, but you have to sign up for this feature on your personal page of the university.
  • To sign up, go to and log in with your username and password.
  • Then, on the left hand side click on “Meine Einstellungen” and select “24H-Bibliothek”.
  • Now you have to click on “Anmelden” and that’s it!
  • Make sure to have your Student-ID with you when using the library outside of the official opening hours. Otherwise you won’t be able to get into or out of the library when the official opening hours are over.

3. How the library is organized

  • Floor plan

Library Floor Plan

  • Open Access Area: Numerical Organisation
Classification scheme of sciences
1 General 19 Natural sciences
2 Writing and book 20 Astronomy
3 Religion 21 Physics
4 Philosophy 22 Chemistry
5 Psychology 23 Biology, Zoology
6 Education 24 Botany
7 Law 25 Anthropology
8 Politics 26 Group dynamics
9 Sociology 28 Communicology
10 Economy 29 Medicine
11 Linguistic sciences 30 Mathematics
12 Literature 31 Engineering
13 Art 32 Agriculture
14 Music 33 Domestic sciences
15 Theatre 34 Sports
16 History 35 Leisure
17 Ethnology 36 Informatics
18 Geography 40 Carinthiaca


  • Book locations and access 

When looking for a book in the AAU library (see 4. How to find books) the search engine will always give you the location of the book. The most important locations for books are the open access area (Freihand) which is numerically organized (see Classification Scheme of Sciences above) and the stocks (Magazin). Students DO NOT have access to the Magazin. You have to go to the local search engine, log in and order the book.

Newspapers and periodicals are on level 2. The “Lehrbuchsammlung” is on level 1 and the numbers help you to find your book. The “Semesterapparat” is on level 3. Your teacher will inform you if he or she provides books for your class in the “Semesterapparat” or not.

4. How to find books

Bibliothek 4.1.

  • The link directs you to the library homepage (unfortunately only available in German so far). Click on the link “Literatursuche” as pictured below:

bild 2

  • At this point you can choose to look up books in national and international search engines and use the online article databases (only available if you are at university and logged in with your ID and password). To look up books that are available at the AAU library, please click on the link “Lokaler Online-Katalog”:

bild 3

  • In order to use all the functions please log in first (“Anmelden”) by typing in your student ID number and your date of birth (JJJJMMDD):

bild 4

  • Type in the title of your book e.g. Introduction to English Linguistics and click on ok:

bild 5

  • The local search engine presents all the hits that match your request. In our case, book #1 by Bieswanger Markus is the one we are interested in. To see where we can find it please click on “Bestand” next to the desired book:

bild 6

  • The book is available in the open access area “Freihand”. The number in the field “Sys.” tells us the science (see How the library is organized – Classification scheme of sciences). In our case # 11 means linguistics and can be found on level 3 in the main building. The field “Signatur” is the book number I 425842.

bild 7

  • Go to the shelf with #11 and look for the section with the # 11-300.0.2:

bild go to shelf

  • When you have found the section 11-300.0.2 you can look for the book # I 425842 within this section:

bild go to shelf 2

  • If you look up a book, click on “Bestand” and the book is only available in the “Magazin” make sure you are logged in and click on “Bestellen” to order the book. You can pick up the book at the service desk on level 1 either in the afternoon, if you order the book before noon, or on the next day.

bild 8

  • Some books are available in the “Lehrbuchsammlung” on level 1. If you click on “Bestand” and the location says “Lehrbuchsammlung” you now know where to look for it.

bild 9

  • The “Semesterapparat” is a possibility for teachers to give students access to books that they will need during the semester for a specific class. If the teacher uses the Semesterapparat, he or she will tell you this in the first class or via Moodle. You can find the Semesterapparat in the main building on level 3.

5. How to check out and return books

  • How to charge your ID card
  • Put your credit card in the device
  • Press 2 (2: andere Karte laden)
  • Choose how much money you want to put on your card (min. 1€)
  • Insert the PIN of your credit card and press OK
  • Accept and press OK again
  • Take your credit card
  • Insert your ID card
  • Your ID card is being charged

Erica 1

  • How can you check out and return books?

It is really simple to check out and return the books at the AAU library. You have to:

  • Bring the books you previously borrowed from the library to the service desk

erica 2

  • Show them your ID card
A-Trust Gesellschaft für Sicherheitssysteme im elektronischen Datenverkehr GmbH,
  • Check out or return your book(s)
  • OR you can use these new devices in the library!

erica 4

  • Bring your ID card
  • Follow the instruction on the screen
  • There is also the possibility to change the language to: German, English, Italian and Russian
  • Check out your book(s)
  • To return books, you can use the device in front of the library, located by the automatic doors.

6. How to scan, copy and print 

  • How to scan
  • Bring your ID card
  • Insert the card into this device

erica 13 d

  • Select “Scan to” on the left side of the printer

erica 14

  • Select the first cloud/image on the left side of the screen on the printer

erica 15 scan

  • Put the page/book on the printer
  • Click on the green button on the right hand side

erica 8

  • Your page will be scanned and sent to your university e-mail in a few seconds
  • How to copy
  • Bring your ID card
  • Put the page/book in the printer
  • Press the button “Copy/Print” and then “Kopie” on the screen

erica 16 kopieren

  • If you see this screen, click on the green button that you find on the right side of the printer

erica 11

  • Your book/page will be copied in a few seconds
  • How to print
  • Bring your ID card
  • Select Copy/Print on the left site
  • Select Secure Print on the screen

erica 17 print

  • Select the documents that you want to print
  • Press “Drucken” on the screen

erica 12

  • Your documents will be printed in a few seconds!

7. Important Vocabulary English-German

English German
Classification scheme Systematik
Book number Signatur
Stacks Magazin
Textbook collection Lehrbuchsammlung (LBS)
Service desk Leihstelle
Interlibrary loan Fernleihe
Periodicals Zeitschriften
Periodical room Zeitschriftenlesesaal (ZLS)
Key texts Semesterapparat (Sem.App)
Open access Freihand

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